Zinnijah Guadalupe

“As a life-long dancer, I strive to perpetuate African
culture and African inspired cultures throughout the
diaspora by sharing my gift and passion to dance!”

BIOGRAPHY At age 3, my parents enrolled me in ballet at a dance company in Chicago. My mother was a dancer and she always took me with her to her rehearsals, saturating me in the art. By the time I was 7, I began dancing with Sundance Theater, trained by my teacher Danny Hinds. He trained us in all dance forms, including ballet, tap, jazz, traditional West African and Caribbean Folk dance. Following my years at Sundance, I participated in various dance activities and companies, but cheerleading is where I found my voice. I began to explore choreographing and fell in love. Since 2004, I’ve been teaching various dance styles to inner city children in Houston, Texas. By 2008, my sisters and I established a dance company- Kucheza Ngoma Dance Company. We’ve produced plays, danced at a myriad of festivals, choreographed for artists and birthday celebrations, as well as performed at different schools through our work with Young Audiences of Houston. Over the years, we coined the name “Dancehall Fusion” to our unique choreography that includes Dancehall moves with a traditional West African Flair. 2016 started my 2 year journey dancing with Antigua Dance Academy in Antigua, where I learned about their Folk culture as well as taught them some of what I know.


Leadership, self-motivation, adaptability, creativity, innovation, and communication.

Contact information: Cell- 2818232165; Home- 8766209392; email- zguadalupe2010@gmail.com


Video Playlist
Dancehall Fusion: "Wine & Kotch" J-Capri & Chalie Black, Djole, & "Professionally" Busy Signal
Dancehall Fusion: "Wine & Kotch" J-Capri & Chalie Black, Djole, & "Professionally" Busy Signal


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