Jamaican Dancehall Entertainer Sandre Watson was born 27 June 1989 at the Spanish Town Hospital in St. Catherine. He is the second child for his mother Michelle Williams and the first-born for his father Norval Watson. Sandre attended Friendship Primary School, and Eltham High School, where he completed his secondary level education.

Sandre, who goes by the name Kaos, grew up in the volatile community of Fair Field Road, Wynters Pen. Despite challenges, he made the positive decision to use his talent to escape into an artistic mindset. From a tender age, he was exposed to music, because of the love his family members had for it. In particular his father and uncle were sound system owners, who played a lot at home and were booked for events in and around the community. Kaos got the opportunity to select on the sound system from the age of eleven (11) and automatically fell in love with the dancehall culture.

At age fifteen (15) he wrote his first song entitled “Miss You Already” and creating his own music became his passion and main interest. As an eloquent Song Writer, Recording Artiste, Dancehall Dee Jay, he proves to be very witty and creative with his musical craft. It is undeniable that the experiences of his own lifestyle, echoes into his writing. Even during his High School years, he was expressing his vocal and lyrical abilities around his peers, who gathered around to enjoy the natural vibe and energy he displayed. It was the same atmosphere in his community and to this day, he has their full support.

Some of his popular songs include Gunman Town, Bad and Done, Strength fi Strength, Money Bed, Baby mama Drama and ‘Nuh Follow Nobody’ which is the first single released on his own label Loyal Heart Entertainment. Kaos promises to be realistic, hardcore and versatile as he makes a significant impact in Reggae Dancehall music.


Video Playlist
Kaos Loyalheart - By Myself (Official Audio)
Kaos Loyalheart - By Myself (Official Audio)
Kaos LoyalHeart  -  Nuh Follow Nobody (Official Audio)
Kaos LoyalHeart - Nuh Follow Nobody (Official Audio)


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