Kadii FirstClass

Top Jamaican Stylist (Hair & Fashion) based in Mandeville, Manchester. Kadii First Class specialises in Custom Units, Frontals, Wig Making & Sew in. Her business name is ‘Touched by Kadii First Class’


Kadia Parker, most popularly known as Kadii First Class was introduced on the entertainment scene as a Professional Dancer, original member of the First Class Dancer Female Group since 2006. The group was formed in Grand Cayman, where the Jamaican leading members resided for a few years. The group gained popularity in the streets of Dancehall in the middle school era, when they would stand out at parties, well dressed in hails and were able to do the dances that the male dancers where doing. There names were mentioned in Elephant Man’s song ‘Calm Dem Down’ when he said: “Kadii and di Cayman Team”. During this team, Kadii was recognised as a fashion icon as she always dressed extraordinarily.

A few years later Kadia became an Entrepreneur as she opened her First Class Bar and Lounge in her Hometown Mandeville. The business lasted a few years and she moved back to Cayman for a short time.

Upon returning home Kadia started to work for a Corporate Company and later on pursued her passion as an hairstylist part-time. She now owns a Hair Salon and is one of the most recognised and respected in her Parish.


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