Melvin Miller, gryzzly bear

Play him a rhythm, sound him a beat, and whether it is on a stage or in the streets, the movements produced by this exuberant being promises to be electrifying or as he would say ‘bear-ni-fi-cent.’

Melvin Miller, more popular known as “Gryzzly Bear” was born 15th of July. 1986

in 2015 He started his Professional Career in Entertainment as a Dancehall Dancer, Choreographer and Dance Teacher at Dance Jamaica Limited. He gained worthwhile experiences, exposure and job opportunities being feature in Commercials for reputable corporate companies and appearances in Official Music Videos for established Artistes. Performing at number of Stage Shows as Support are some of the most memorable moments in his career. In 2017 Gryzzly discovered his talent as an Event Host or Master of Ceremony (MC), when he was offered the said Job at Premiere Wednesdays Live Show Event by TalentPR. He continued to hone his vocal talent when he started working with JCDC at their Song Competition and World Reggae Dance Championships.

Gryzzly also has keen interest in being a Singer / DJ / Rapper. For this reason he describes himself as ‘MultiUniVersiTalented’. He definitely has good Song-Writing Skills, Stage Presents and Charisma.


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