About us

PerformJA is a prestigious, multifaceted entertainment company serving the music, dance and theatre industry of Jamaica.

Our talented performers have what it takes to engage an audience, using their charisma, confidence and creative skills. We encourage our team of performers to plan, prepare, practice in order to hone their talent and master their craft.

Our professional staff has adequate knowledge and experience in Jamaican Performing Arts and will use their expertise to identify, uplift and develop key players in Reggae / Dancehall Genre. The services we provide for our performers, includes lectures, coaching, artiste developing, training and rehearsals, to prepare them for the global stage. 

We offer booking assistance, as well as provide the correct booking contact details for our clients who already have their exclusive booking agency. Therefore we promote upcoming and established Jamaican talents and entertainment related Service providers.

It is our intent to create and/or initiate quality shows and performances locally and internationally. This will not only provide local jobs but also travel opportunities, where we assist with the acquisitions of visas, permits and necessary documents required. 

PerformJA Team’s direct participation in the entertainment industry made it possible to acquire important contacts that will cover the overall development of the talent. We not only endorse the experienced talent, but we are excited to assist the new and emerging talent that we represent.

Our clients include but are not limited to:

We source and represent talents from ages 3-70 (children, teens, adults and seniors)